Railway crushed by coal crisis, 1900 trains canceled due to lack of fuel

 Webmultichannel: Coal crisis in the country. It is feared that there may be a huge shortage of coal in the country by September this year. Another piece of information came to the fore in this situation. It is learned that Indian Railways has been suffering from a lack of coal throughout the year. In all, 9,000 trains had to be canceled this year. Of which 1,900 trains have been canceled in the last three months. The reason is the shortage of coal. This has been known in response to an RTI.

A person named Chandrasekhar Gaur submitted the RTI. At its hearing, it was said that out of the total 9,000 trains that were canceled, 7,995 trains were canceled for maintenance. And there is a shortage of coal behind the cancellation of 1,934 trains. Trains are canceled between March and May. Which makes it clear how the energy crisis is becoming a challenge to the railways. Railways are at the top of the list of public choices for transportation in countries like India. There is no doubt that the cancellation of the train in that place is causing great inconvenience.

Incidentally, there are fears that the energy crisis could intensify in the third quarter of the year. Reuters has learned from an internal report of the country's power ministry.

Note that this situation was created earlier in 2015. At that time power supply was less than demand. That situation has been created again due to the increasing demand for electricity. Due to which, experts are fearing that darkness will descend across the country. According to a Reuters report, the center fears that demand could rise by 15 percent compared to the supply of coal. As a result, there may be a deficit of 4 crore 25 lakh tons of coal.

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